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All About bloggers in this world

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Top 5 Bloggers of India

The Indian blogging industry has come of age. Over the years, tons of Indian entrepreneurs with a passion for online business opportunities have taken to blogging as a source of income with a good number of them establishing themselves as authorities in their chosen areas of specialty.

Updated 07 Jun, 2020

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Ami Bhat

This featured blog is about a vivid travel blogger Ami Bhat, who enjoys travelling and penning down her experiences in a famous blog site. Time to know more about Ami and her passion for blogging.

Updated 16 Jun, 2020

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Dr. Amrita Basu

This featured blog is about a doctor, who is ENT and Head Neck Surgeon by profession. Dr Amrita Basu is also a famous blogger and she has been an award winning author with multiple books being released on Amazon. Dr Basu shares with us on her effort in improving public healthcare information using digital media by making it accessible to all.

Updated 16 Jun, 2020

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Sonia Chatterjee

This featured blog is about Ex-Banker who quit her job to become a full time Blogger. Sonia Charrarjee has had a successful career in banking industry, where she held a role of Branch Head before turning into a Solopreneur. Sonia is a successful and a famous blogger in India who has won multiple awards for her writing skills.

Updated 18 Jul, 2020

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Raju PP

This featured blog is about an IT engineer who quit his job to become a full time Tech Blogger. Raju PP has had a successful career in a leading IT firm of India, where he held a specialized role in various functional domains. At peak of his IT career, he decided to quit his job to establish a top technology blogs on the web with a focus on personal and consumer technology including web tools and gadgets. Till this date, Raju is a most influential Indian on the Social Media in Tech Field.

Updated 24 Aug, 2020

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