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Ami Bhat

Updated on Jun 16, 2020

This featured blog is about a vivid travel blogger Ami Bhat, who enjoys travelling and penning down her experiences in a famous blog site. Time to know more about Ami and her passion for blogging.


Ami Bhat holds a post-graduate in marketing degree and she has worked in various branding and marketing roles across various sectors. Ami has worked for more than 15 years before she moved into full-time travel blogging.

Ami has been featured by 14 digital media for her contribution towards her travel and blog experience. She is an award-winning blogger from India with over 30 awards and accolades.

Inspiration to start blogging

Ami used to find a release from her everyday stress when she started writing about her travels. Ami's started to write blogs as her hobby.

She finds it extremely motivating to know that people appreciate her blog and they want to see more blog posts to be published.

The recipe behind her blogs

Ami usually spends between a day to a week on her each article/blog which includes research, content writing, promotion.

Videos act as close associates to her blogs, which help readers to get connected with the quality content of articles.

First successful blog/article post

When Ami wrote her first blog on her day trip to Lepakshi, she had received a lot of appreciation from her readers. Comments on her blog have given her the motivation to start sharing the other articles on her site.

Ami's blog posts on India have always been doing well with plenty of readers and good traffic, at the same time she is happy to see the other posts flying too.

How can we say she is a successful blogger?

Based on the organic traffic and repeated visitors to the blog site. Subscriptions, both on her blog and the social channels add to this are at an upward trend we could measure Ami as a successful blogger in the community.

Promoting Blogs

Ami uses social media and affiliate programs to keep her blogs promoted and reached to the maximum audience. 

Main sources of income/revenue from the blog

Ami's main source of revenue is from:

  1. Sponsored Contents
  2. Affiliation Programs
  3. Ezoic Ads

Future plans of current blog article and beyond

Ami says, as per the current scenario, her idea is to keep the blog going with as many armchair travel options for the readers.

Personal life

Ami stays in Bangalore with her husband and a teen daughter. She was born in India but her childhood was in Abu Dhabi. Ami moved to India for her studies and has been here since then.

Important Advice for someone aspiring to be a full-time blogger

Ami says "Have patience - nothing can be achieved overnight. Consistency is the key to blogging. Keep churning out good and original content at regular intervals."

Ami's Blog:

Do visit Ami's travel blog at the following link and enjoy the articles about amazing travel experiences and beyond.