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Dr. Amrita Basu

Updated on Jun 16, 2020

This featured blog is about a doctor, who is ENT and Head Neck Surgeon by profession. Dr Amrita Basu is also a famous blogger and she has been an award winning author with multiple books being released on Amazon. Dr Basu shares with us on her effort in improving public healthcare information using digital media by making it accessible to all.


Dr. Amrita Basu is a practicing full time ENT and Neck Surgeon from India, also she is a successful blogger in the field of Health, Wealth and Lifestyle.

Dr. Basu is also an author of many books, she spends time on podcast and vlog apart from blogging her medical journey as a doctor. She also writes on parenting guide to young parents.

Dr. Basu has been an award winning blogger, at the same time she has been featured in various platforms.

Inspiration to start blogging

Dr Basu wanted to have a platform to create awareness about prevention healthcare, financial freedom and the need for continued education. She believed that, blogging has helped her find her inner Zen place.

Recipe behind her blogs

Dr. Basu, spends between a day to a week on her each article/blog which includes research, content writing, promotion. 

Good quality contents and the approach she takes to write articles on health, wellness is a winning model of her health blog.

First successful blog/article post

Although Dr. Basu writes on health and wellness, it was her Travel blog which was her first successful blog.

Promoting Blogs

Dr. Basu promotes her blogs through Social Media posts and by publishing Videos on various platforms. 

Main sources of income/revenue from blog

As a successful blogger, Dr Basu has been generating revnue from her blogs through:

  • Sponsored Contents
  • Selling various products through her blog

Future plans of current blog article and beyond

Dr. Basu has been publishing various books online and she is focusing on writing more books in the days to come.

Personal life

Dr Basu is married to a Pediatrician and she is a mother to a little girl. She loves reading, gardening, traveling in her free time.

Important Advice for someone aspiring to be a full-time blogger

Dr. Basu says "It's a lot of hard work, patience and persistence. Have a backup plan for finances before you go full time. Payment cycles of many PR companies are cause for concern .If you want to pay your bills through blogging, you need a real plan and not vague ideas. It's a wonderful way to create your own digital footprint, but serious responsibility too."

Dr. Amrita Basu's Blog

Do visit Dr. Basu's blog at following link to gain more knowledge on Health, Wellness and Mompreneurship. 


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