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Sonia Chatterjee

Updated on Jul 18, 2020

This featured blog is about Ex-Banker who quit her job to become a full time Blogger. Sonia Charrarjee has had a successful career in banking industry, where she held a role of Branch Head before turning into a Solopreneur. Sonia is a successful and a famous blogger in India who has won multiple awards for her writing skills.


Sonia Chatterjee, who worked as a Branch Head at leading private bank in India is now a successful and famous blogger by profession. Sonia holds a Post Graduate Degree in Chemistry followed by Post Graduate Diploma in Management.

Sonia has been writing on various aspects ranging from Travel, Movies, Social Issues to Parenting Lessons. Sonia also into writing novels recently, you can find her book at Aamazon.in.

Inspiration to start blogging

Sonia started writing to cope up with her mother's sudden demise 9 years ago. It was during her maternity break that she reconnected with the love of written words and eventually gathered the courage to quit banking and start blogging. In a couple of months, she decided to pursue writing as a full-time career.

While she has gone down from 8 posts/ month to 2 posts/ months now, she has been writing much more than before.

Sonia is pursuing her MFA in creative writing and that is keeping her motivated to continue writing. Sonia is also working on the sequel to her first book, a detective thriller that introduced the female private investigator, Raya Ray.

Recipe behind her blogs

Sonia spends between a day to a week on her each article/blog which includes research, content writing, promotion. 

Good quality contents and the approach she takes to write her articles is a winning model of her blogs.

First successful blog/article post

Sonia's first blog post that got noticed was about breaking gender stereotypes through the way she has been raising her then 2-year-old son. The article was republished on a lot of other digital platforms with a lot of positive feedback.

Promoting Blogs

Sonia promotes her blogs and articles through Social Media posts, she has been religiously using the platform to connect with her readers and subscribers.

Main sources of income/revenue from blog

As a successful blogger, Sonia has been generating revenue from her blogs through selective few brand collaborations.

Future plans of current blog article and beyond

Sonia is right now focusing on finishing the MFA course, writing many more novels and converting her blog into a place for fiction lovers eventually.

As of now, Sonia writes on travel, book reviews, raise social issues, shares her parenting journey and discusses her personal interests. Sonia intends to make it into a concise category and focus on fiction and social issues gradually.

Personal life

The three men in her life have been her biggest source of strength - her retired professor father who's been the fire under her wings, her doctor husband who is ever so supportive of her career choices and her 4.10 year old son, who is mesmerized by the world of books. 

Important Advice for someone aspiring to be a full-time blogger

Sonia says "Like most of the creative fields, this is going to take time for the returns to start reflecting. So, please ensure you have the patience, financial back-up and determination to stick on before deciding on making a career of blogging. And once you do that, remember that quality of content and consistency of posting are two most important factors that can take you a long way. Blogging is much beyond writing these days and so it is essential that everyone learns the basics of technicalities too."

Sonia Chatterjee

Visit Sonia's blog at the following link and do spend time reading her A-Z articles on various topics. I am sure you would be mesmerized by her writing skills and the topics she has chosen to write on.


Sonia Chatterjee
Sonia Chatterjee