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Top 5 Bloggers of India

Updated on Jun 07, 2020

The Indian blogging industry has come of age. Over the years, tons of Indian entrepreneurs with a passion for online business opportunities have taken to blogging as a source of income with a good number of them establishing themselves as authorities in their chosen areas of specialty.

The Indian blogging industry has come of age. Over the years, tons of Indian entrepreneurs with a passion for online business opportunities have taken to blogging as a source of income with a good number of them establishing themselves as authorities in their chosen areas of specialty.

Top 5 Bloggers of India
Top 5 Bloggers of India

A large portion of the general population still doesn't offer an idea of blogging as a genuine activity. I would say Be patient and give blogging a chance, as success won’t happen overnight.

On the off chance that you are one of those sort of individuals imagining that blogging is wastage of time then here in this page let us go through Top 5 bloggers in India and their profit from various ventures.

Do you realize that there are various of bloggers making lakhs of rupees on the month to month premise? Indeed, on the off chance that you know this, at that point, it is beneficial for you and you can too get affected by them and profit online through blogging. Remember these bloggers are typical individuals like you and me profiting and they are not superheroes.

The sum that these bloggers are making, keeps running in lakhs. In actuality gifted or proficient, specialists, proficient architects even don't get this a lot of money flow. You should realize that it takes a long time of a lot of endeavors to turn into an expert specialist or gifted designer.

All things being equal, the bloggers recorded on this page are youthful, enthusiastic and at present, they are gaining from blogging in excess of an expert specialist or architect. So as to wind up like those bloggers you needn't bother with any fiscal Investment all you need is work area or PC with an Internet association.

Disclaimer-The data about these top bloggers recorded on this page may not be 100% exact. Regardless of, I attempted my best to gather the data from different sources about these bloggers and their profit from blogging.

Rundown of 5 top Indian Bloggers

Presently I am going to discuss the top bloggers of India 2019 who are making an extremely colossal measure of cash on a month to month premise. The data about their winning gathered from different sources for example from their web journals or other related sites. Be that as it may, the measure of their income recorded here is close enough to their genuine month to month profit.

Note: We are not giving any appraisals or positioning to these top bloggers. We have done tremendous consideration full research and made a rundown of top bloggers of India, there is no specific request for this rundown. Every single blogger is Doing huge occupation in their particular class. I regard every blogger recorded at No.1 in a similar way who is recorded at No.5 position.

1. Amit Agarwal @ Labnol

Amit Agarwal holds an Engineering degree in Computer Science from I.I.T. and has previously worked at ADP Inc. for clients like Goldman Sachs and Merrill Lynch. In 2004, Amit quit his job to become India’s first and only Professional Blogger.

Amit has appeared on various TV channels and radio shows including CNN IBN, BBC Radio, CNBC, NDTV, and more. HT mentions Amit as the founder of the Indian blogging revolution, The Economic Times calls him as an out-of-the-box thinker while the prestigious Straits Times of Singapore included Amit in their list of Asia’s Blog Stars alongside Chinese actress Xu Jinglei.

Amit makes this awe-inspiring monthly income from different blogging-related sources. The bulk of the income is from paid advertisement, Adsense, and affiliate, with Adsense earnings accountable for 75% of his monthly income. This pioneer Indian blogger is the best in his profession and a source of inspiration to many Indian bloggers.

As we know from sources, Amit earns about $720k annually and has been leading the top earning bloggers from India.

2. Harsh Agrawal @ ShoutMeLoud

Harsh started his blogging in the year 2008 on networks and computer security with a community called "Underground world" in Orkut. Since then he wrote multiple blogs on tech related articles and his own experiences. With the idea of ShoutMeLoud, he emerged as one of the top blogger in the country and has won multiple awards.

Harsh enjoys great followership on major social media platforms. With approximately 50,000 Twitter followers, about 65,000 Facebook likes, and a bit below 30,000 email subscribers, he has put the machinery in place to keep earning passively from his blog.

With a monthly average traffic of 1.6 million, Harsh Agarwal has turned ShoutMeLoud into an efficient money-making machine that gives him tens of thousands of dollars every month.

He has carved a niche for himself as one of the best affiliate marketers for a host of web hosting affiliate programs such as HostGator, BlueHost, and A2 Hosting.

According to our sources, with blogging and other online activities, he has managed to make more than $550K a year, which is 15x of the amount from his 9-5 job.

3. Shradha Sharma @ YourStory

Hailing from Patna, YourStory founder Shradha Sharma studied at St. Stephens College, New Delhi and MICA, Ahmadabad. She then worked with The Times of India and CNBC TV18, getting her experience at field reporting. But it wasn’t until August 2008 that Shradha thought of starting her own venture - YourStory.

Before starting YourStory she had worked with Times of India and CNBC TV 18. She has won many awards in media and startup space like Fortune 40 under 40, ET promising entrepreneurs of India Award, Loreal Paris Femina Online Influence Award, Villgro Journalist of the Year.

Her blog is recognized as arguably the most influential and vocal platform for aspiring startups in the country where her readers look up to for valuable pieces of information and guidance on how to start their entrepreneurship journey without hassle.

According to our sources, Shradha earns about $400k annually. The bulk of her income is from Adsense, sponsorship, and advertisement.

4. Varun Krishnan @ FoneArena

Varun Krishna is another successful Indian blogger who has been around in the industry for some years. As the brain behind FoneArena, a blog dedicated to technology news, mobile phones, phone reviews, and what have you, Varun has made a name for himself in the blogging community with his impressive and unbiased analyses and reviews that his readers find informative.

A visit to FoneArena will give you an insight into why this blogger is highly rated in India. He earns well doing what he knows how to do best and got a steady flow of income from paid advertisement, Adsense, and affiliate marketing.

You can get a clue into the commendable efforts of this dedicated blogger on FoneArena if you are looking for a comprehensive review of any phone or other related technology news. This blog is arguably the leading blog in India for technology enthusiasts and mobile consumers where you can get up-to-date and comprehensive reviews of different types of mobile devices and the latest technology news.

According to our sources, Varun earns about $300k annually through FoneArena and other affiliate ventures.

5. Malini Agrwal @ MissMalini

Malini is another female blogger who has consistently been lending voice to her passion via her blog, missmalini.com. This beautiful blogger is arguably the best female blogger in the country. He blog, MissMalini, has one of the biggest readerships in India with millions of monthly page views to its credit. Malini Agarwal’s blog is dedicated primarily to the country’s movie industry, Bollywood. She does use the platform to intimate millions of movie lovers with happenings in the Bollywood with her writing skills.

Although she started blogging as a hobby in 2008 while working as a  DJ with Channel V, a radio station in the country, she eventually left her job and focused on her blogger career as her viewership rose astronomically.

Malini is also the author of the motivational book: “To the Moon: How I Blogged My Way to Bollywood.” This book is her own way of giving back to the community by profiling her personal blogging experience and providing a practical guide that can assist her readers to follow their hearts and build their brands.

Today, MissMalini.com has an estimated 500,000 daily page views and over 6 million followers on her social media pages. That has translated to an estimated $400k monthly income from her blog.