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Raju PP

Updated on Aug 24, 2020

This featured blog is about an IT engineer who quit his job to become a full time Tech Blogger. Raju PP has had a successful career in a leading IT firm of India, where he held a specialized role in various functional domains. At peak of his IT career, he decided to quit his job to establish a top technology blogs on the web with a focus on personal and consumer technology including web tools and gadgets. Till this date, Raju is a most influential Indian on the Social Media in Tech Field.


Raju PP, an Electronics engineering graduate from Bangalore, India and has previously worked as a Technical Specialist in a leading IT firm. He quit his day job to pursue his passion of blogging in late 2009. He holds an Engineering degree in Electronics and Communications and has previously worked in Banking software domain. He was featured amongst 151 Top Tech Indians by Exhibit magazine. While the Economic Times listed him amongst the top web entrepreneurs in India, the HT Brunch magazine listed him as the most influential Indian on the social media in the field of Technology.  Currently, he is also the editor of Connected Arena, a dedicated site for Wearable and Internet of Things.  

Raju PP
Raju PP

Inspiration to start blogging

Raju discovered blogging pretty late in his career, an introvert by nature, blogging gave avenues to better express himself. The initial days were typical personal blogging with stuff like movie reviews, random musings, etc.

Technology was just a small part until he started enjoying writing about it. Eventually, Raju moved from Blogspot to a dedicated domain in 2008. He says it's an amazing feeling to know people want to listen to what you say and you can actually help them make their lives better with ever-improving world of technology. That hasn't changed all these years.

Recipe behind his blogs

Raju spends between a day to a week on his each article/blog which includes research, content writing, promotion. 

Great quality of YouTube video contents as well as detailed tech specifications he collates is a winning model of his blogs.

First successful blog/article post

Raju's article on FREE Mobile Phone Tracking was a game changer for the blog and making him very famous among the phone enthusiasts.

Smartphones were still new and people were still waking up to the benefits of GPS and location tracking. So this article of his was a comprehensive guide to know everything about GPS tracking. Over the years, this article has been updated multiple times to maintain relevancy.

Promoting Blogs

Raju promotes his blogs and articles through his Youtube Channel and Social Media, he has been religiously using the platform to connect with his readers and subscribers.

Apart from digital platforms, Raju's blog gets promoted widely through word of mouth. This was possible because of his efforts in making a promising and cutting edge tech contents in his blog.

Main sources of income/revenue from blog

As a successful tech blogger, Raju has been generating revenue from multiple avenues namely:

  1. Google AdSense
  2. Sponsored Contents
  3. Affiliation Programs

Future plans of current blog article and beyond

As per Raju, the blogging world has changed, so as the competition. Being an independent publication in this cut-throat market isn't easy. So the idea is to do things differently than what everyone does. In his domain, nearly everyone is chasing news, leaks and reviews. Raju and his team are one of the very few who provide quality analysis, expert opinions and comprehensive guides in the world of consumer and personal tech.  He believes that will continue to have its space.

Personal life

Raju lives in Bangalore right now and he is happily married and blessed with a daughter and a furry son. Raju is a complete foodie, an avid cricket follower and a compulsive traveler. 

Important Advice for someone aspiring to be a full-time blogger

In Raju's own words: "Nothing comes easy and there is no alternative to perseverance. I have seen many bloggers who started alongside me not persevering enough and letting it all go way too easily. Also, never stop trying new things. I made that mistake mid-way through my blogging career and learned it the hard way."


Raju is the founder of Technology Personalized (formerly Technically Personal), launched in 2008, is one of the top technology blogs on the web with a focus on personal and consumer technology including web tools and gadgets. TechPP aims to make the life of their readers simpler and easier with the help of technology solutions.

Raju and his team believes in providing a forum and a platform for people where they can air their views and issues openly. Technology Personalized has undergone lots of changes since its inception and has grown tremendously in the past few years to be what it is today.  It has been featured in CHIP magazine, a popular Technology magazine in India. It has also been quoted and linked extensively on various leading technology sites like Techmeme, TechCrunch, GigaOm, CNET, Engadget, and others.   

Do visit https://techpp.com/ when you are in need of any technology related doubts and would like to see most realistic reviews latest release of any gadgets.